About Us


1st Rate 2nd Hand Thrift Store supports local Jewish non-profit agencies and synagogues while encouraging environmental responsibility by providing 1) affordable merchandise to those who lack disposable income and 2) a treasure hunt for those looking for a bargain.

We provide:

  • 1st Rate merchandise at 2nd Hand prices
  • 1st Rate customer service
  • name-brand merchandise and vintage items in our boutique area
  • a clean, easy to shop environment with large aisles
  • in-store sales daily – items at 25 – 50- 75% off marked price
  • semi-annual “Best Of” evening shopping events



Andrea Hoffrichter Cohn, Co-President
Robyn Schwager, Co-President
Brian Olswing, Treasurer
Jami Ober Gan, Secretary
Berti’ Brodsky
Thom Carchedi
Cathy Olswing
Carol Sack

RJ Creson, Store Manager